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Just like his Shiva trilogy, even the Ram Chandra Series is based on the fundamental premise, that myths are nothing but jumbled memories of a true past. A past buried under mounds of earth and ignorance.


Amish believes that the Hindu gods were not mythical beings or a figment of rich imagination.


He believes that they were creatures of flesh and blood, like you and me, and that they achieved Godhood through their karma, their deeds. He believes that their blood flows in our veins. That they were our ancestors.


He believes that the words Vishnu and Mahadev are not individual names. They are in fact titles, given to persons who are the greatest of leaders, who become God-like.


The Vishnus are leaders who create a new way of life, who select a band of followers and lead them to a better path. They are the ‘propagators of good’. They work in partnership with the Mahadevs. A partnership spread over many centuries. Much like the partnership that exists between the Dalai Lamas and the Panchen Lamas, in Tibetan Buddhism.


The Mahadevs come in fewer numbers than the Vishnus. They are not required to create a new way of life. They are not required to choose a band of followers and lead them to a better path. They act like surgeons. They have to come in to remove a sickness, which will destroy the entire body. Their task clears the land of the malevolent effects of evil. For only with the removal of evil, can good burst forth with renewed creativity. The Mahadevs are therefore, the ‘destroyers of evil’.


The Ram Chandra Series explores the life of Ram, his band of brothers, and his wife Sita, as they lead India out of the darkness of chaos and into the light. This series will chronicle how the destiny of the Vishnu was fulfilled.